Area Code 312

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Area code: 312
State: Illinois
Country: USA
14, Nov. 2018

The had me to agree on a settlement

13, Nov. 2018

This place dials over and over even when I demand that they take my phone number off of the business's telephone list. The federal don't call registry seems to be a waste!

13, Nov. 2018

I phoned thxt phone number three different times. I have never ever been connected to a live peron. The only thing I ever hear is clicking noises. This oughta be against the law.

13, Nov. 2018

Cash Net USA keeps call and I don't know why. There is not even that bank in our city.

13, Nov. 2018

Annoying robocall, saying that the business was testing listings in their telephone directory, and that I did not wish to receive telemarketing calls again, to phone a local number. I phoned, but the telephone calls will not stop!

Quick Brown Fox
12, Nov. 2018

An unwanted call from this Chicago VOIP number was received in violation of the Do Not Call law. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public. This predator has been flagged as a Medicare scam artist. AVOID THIS SHYSTER!

12, Nov. 2018

However much we tell my cousin sister that the cell phone is not a toy she does onot bother. My sister cautioned her many instances onot to get addicted to the cellular phone too much and it never worked until Monday. She is having second thoughts now about using her new cellular phone as she says she is not happy to get telephone calls from a corpse because the fellow does not converse. These teens simply do not understand that anything and everything cannot be taken for fun. When we complained about the mobile calls the lawyer mentioned that most individuals complain about such mobile calls and it has become one of the frequent complaints receiived by their offices.

12, Nov. 2018

The caller says his name is Eddie and that he is calling Maureen. It is a wrong number, but they continue to call. How do I stop the harassment?

12, Nov. 2018

# phoned. When I picked up the phone call the caller wouldn't say anything. It was only silende on the phone for about 10 seconds, then nothing but beeping. It seems that the telephone call came from Cash Advance USA.

12, Nov. 2018

I submitted complaints to the FCC. They do not do anything. I only want # to stop. I can't stand this guy.

12, Nov. 2018

Getting many robotic calls from #. Does anybody know how to get them to stop calling ?

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