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23, Aug. 2018

I would be very interested in legal action if the source of these calls is discovered.

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22, Jun. 2018

I have asked this company to exclude the range that belongs to WVSU from their marketing calls.

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4, Jun. 2018

These type of calls are disturbing and annoying and I want them to cease immediately.

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13, May. 2017

Claimed to know me and wanted to buy drugs

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11, Sep. 2016

it was a recorded "you've won" message, I didn't keep listening to know who the company was.

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5, May. 2013

This phone number calls early morning and continuously calls throughout the day. There is no answer. If I hear a recorded message, I usually hang up. This number has been calling for months and will not stop.

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16, Aug. 2012

When we call the number back, we reach a recording saying this number has been disconnected. For a disconnected number, it's amazing how they keep calling back.