Area Code 310

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Area code: 310
State: California
Country: USA
19, May. 2019

Extremely poor English, could barely understand, They asked for a person who is not connected to this phone number and stated an adress that's also not connected... ended up hanging up on them. Have called multiple times over past 4 days, never leaving a voicemail. Rrrrrrrrr!!!

19, May. 2019

Recorded message's only option is to connect to an agent, then as soon as I asked to be removed from their list, I was hung up on.

17, May. 2019

They call us all hours of the morning and night.

17, May. 2019

Number calls repeatedly but never leaves a message on voice mail. I'm not expecting any package from Fed Ex.

17, May. 2019

They come at various times of the day, which causes interruptions in my busy schedule to go to the phone and see who is calling.

16, May. 2019

Have asked this person multiple times to quit calling.

16, May. 2019

They said they had a refund for me. ANd to call back then wanted me to get on the computer and fill out a form.

16, May. 2019

These are robocall scammers and keep leaving messages on phones saying it's related to social security legal matter but when you call them they won't answer any questions they just want your name and then if you ask a simple question they hang up. Someone needs to stop these scammers scums that can't work to make an honest dollar. They are all foreigners btw.

16, May. 2019

Personal phone number

16, May. 2019

UPD: 6.2.14 Consumer has aked the company to stop calling but, the calls have continued.

16, May. 2019

also 10/29 - 1:15 PM - reported Janesville before

15, May. 2019

Talked to service rep 3 times to tell them to quit calling me.

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