Area Code 310

Additional information:

Area code: 310
State: California
Country: USA
14, Feb. 2019

This old guy keeps calling my number pretending to be someone I should know. Sounds like he’s in an airport.. BEWARE!!! Now I see I’m not the only one. Blocked!

7, Feb. 2019

This number said that they were from ssl

6, Feb. 2019

This number has called me several times making threats about a lawsuit against me and telling me I need to contact them with more information about my self because I’m in a bad lawsuit and they will come end arrest me: .???

2, Feb. 2019

Definitely a ghost

1, Feb. 2019

Called my home phone with blocked caller I'd This phone number is listed as a loan scammer using the name Jessica claiming that you applied for a loan to get personal information from unsuspecting people that she calls

24, Jan. 2019

Called my 80 yr old mother saying they were sending her 5 magazines for 1 yr. Mom said she didn't want them. Called a couole of more times. Mom said no. Tiday they called and said her mags were on the way. She said she told them she didn't want them. They told her she was hoing to have to pay a cancellation fee.

23, Jan. 2019

This number rings easily 5 times a day on my office phone number. I looked it up on google which states a robo call. I do not know how to stop it. I never pick it up. I never have been left a message.

Quick Brown Fox
14, Jan. 2019

This Mar Vista cell number attempted an unlawful contact and left no message on the answering machine. Since robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) do this all the time, it's best to LET YOUR ANSWERING DEVICE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS.

13, Jan. 2019

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10, Jan. 2019

They call me everyday. Never leave a I never answer..So annoying!

8, Jan. 2019

The ever super shady Portfolio Recovery. A well-organized thieving cartel masquerading as a debt collector. They call daily from multiple numbers from every state in the union. They will continue with the harassing calls even if you are not the person they are looking for. They do not care. They just want their money. The money for the debt they bought. I continue to block each number this inexorable business calls me from, as I do not owe the debt they say I owe. Below is a partial list of numbers they have called me from. I should have started this a long time ago. Do yourself a huge favor, take a few minutes, and block every single one of the numbers below. 205-725-5724 248-237-4345 281-397-3060 281-816-3941 310-220-0631 312-327-6747 321-558-7304 323-244-2332 331-330-2079 404-604-2366 480-553-8561 480-750-8232 480-800-4767 517-219-1107 517-586-0333 571-341-5983 602-601-2371 615-800-6830 619-780-3451 702-508-5256 702-847-7543 703-592-3826 707-314-0362 720-307-1353 731-249-1250 754-701-7650 757-401-6990 817-576-0518 843-242-1413 862-772-0671 951-252-1065 973-206-4188

7, Jan. 2019

Yes FAKE APPLE INC. PLEASE STOP THIS PERSON or who ever is behind this scam.

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