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13, Jun. 2019

i got the same experience, they said they are United healthercare and they do know my real name, then they started asking me personal information, i told her i can;t give any and she immediately give up. United heathcare would never do anything like that so don;t believe them

sc business
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16, Feb. 2018

Watch out! Attempts to fool you into thinking the check is real. Always verify a checks authenticity by calling the issuing financial institution. Casier check fraudsters

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3, Feb. 2018

This call is illegal on multiple levels.

Seattle, WA
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25, Apr. 2017

Hung up when no one answered.

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25, Apr. 2017

This caller left no message. I do not answer when someone calls if I don't recognize the number.

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29, Mar. 2016

I want them blocked.

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31, Mar. 2012

This number has been showing up on my sons phone with text messages stating that they are watching him. They know his name and his friends names. The messages have dared him to go outside and he will be sniped. They have also text that they see exactly what he is doing and tells him to look down the street and be careful when you are alone.