Area Code 308

Additional information:

Area code: 308
State: Nebraska
Country: USA
16, Oct. 2018

Numerous calls, including one at 8:45 at night.

15, Oct. 2018

This company keep bother me for many years, keep call me on my home phone and now they calling me on my cell phone.

1, Oct. 2018

This number calls and lraves no message. Probably spam or scam.

27, Sep. 2018

Jesus. Yet another phone call from Aurora Loan Services. As these mobile calls keep coming five times a day her brother is getting mad. We do not give her the iPhone now as she is becoming worried over these calls. We are thinking of finding a solution. Who would you think would sort this out? We can definitely sue the caller as she is not yet 18. It is child molestation at its best!

21, Sep. 2018

You have gotta stop calling my elderly mother - in -law almost every day.

20, Sep. 2018

This phone number phones almost weekly. When I pick up, there's no voice, only a click. There isn't a person when I try to return the call. Has anyone had this happen?

20, Sep. 2018

I do not want to get phone calls from Accelerated Receivables SLTN. I have zero money for my electricity and nothing for past due bills. Please stop telephoning me.

14, Sep. 2018

I do not owe this bank anything although I do carry a MasterCard with them. Why do you think they're calling? How do I make the telephone calls to stop?

13, Sep. 2018

Will call back numerous times despite being told to stop calling.

10, Sep. 2018

Said that I had legal documentation to sign for either at my place of residence or my place of employment. Did not state an agency that he worked for but did come off as very threatening. Made it sound as if I would be going to jail if he couldn’t find me. As well, he completely got the name of the county I live in wrong. Sounded like an African American guy. All traces I’ve done have said this is a VOIP call.

4, Sep. 2018

# keeps calling my mobile phone for a stranger. Is there a way to fight back?

4, Sep. 2018

I hate those caller that are scam

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