Area Code 308

Additional information:

Area code: 308
State: Nebraska
Country: USA
4, May. 2019

This company has called repeatedly despite being informed I am on the DNC registry 12/31/2013 2pm 12/27/2013 9am

2, May. 2019

thus hard to understand company name sometimes.

23, Apr. 2019

offering senior services.

22, Apr. 2019

It's a spoofed phone number, with the call actually coming from somewhere overseas, usually Pakistan.

22, Apr. 2019

I believe this was a spam call, as this is a fictitious number.

9, Apr. 2019

He has a heavy accent.

4, Apr. 2019

SQM Group (Service Qualtiy Measurement) This was a robo call. However it is a company in Nebraska hired to do customer satisfaction surveys for my mortgage company - after there has been cause to talk to someone at the mortgage company. I happen to have answered. Ordinarily I do not answer anonymous calls. "CX Research - SQM is a leading market research specialist firm for benchmarking, tracking, and improving customer and employee experience, powered by SQM’s mySQM™ CX Insights software." From other comments is seems that the company is thoughtless with its robocalls, and continues to persist at all hours until a connection is made.

4, Apr. 2019

When I answer it there is nobody on the other end.

22, Mar. 2019

Someone named ED called.said he could help me make money.

11, Mar. 2019

name 3:41pm 5/29 Unk.

9, Mar. 2019

the law needs to be enforced

7, Mar. 2019

A woman on the message asked if I wanted electricity discounts/coupons.

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