Area Code 306

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Area code: 306
State: Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
13, Dec. 2018

They buy old debts past the "Statute of Limitations" which is two years in Ontario and they try to collect the full amount.. Do not talk to them, do not acknowledge owing any money and yo will be fine. They cannot take you to court because its been too long (old debt).

10, Dec. 2018

Polite, but not well articulated. Called place of work asking to speak person in charge of advertising and marketing. Said he was from Regina, and calling about "Neighbours of Emerald Park and White City". Wants community sponsorship. Can't find info on any organization by that name…no idea where White city or Emerald park is. I'm in Saskatoon. Wrote everything down and forwarded to managers at place of work. Read reviews posted here about FEB 2018 CRA arrest/lawsuit scam originating from this same number…

7, Dec. 2018

Called store and asked about whether we stocked baby blankets with birds. Then specifically ducks. Asked if I wanted to know why.Caller said he/she was in the hospital and the nurse had given a diaper with ducks on it. Asked my if I wanted to know what was in the diaper and kept repeating the same thing. I finally said have a great day and goodbye and hung up.

21, Nov. 2018

If this is not a telemarketer please let me know so that I may contact the police.

20, Nov. 2018

This company, whoever it is, calls from several different numbers, but all with the same voice on the recorded message.

3, Nov. 2018

Got this call today didn’t pick up, didn’t leave a message says it’s calling from Lanigan, Sask

15, Oct. 2018

Leave no option to prevent further spam calls

10, Oct. 2018

Nuisance call - Dominion Pro=Vac company in Regina is what came up when I searched it. Nobody on the line when I answered the phone. Scammers

7, Oct. 2018

I understand they are paying someone else to call.

3, Oct. 2018

Unsafe, ominous, threatening.

3, Oct. 2018

The caller called at 8:49pm asking about pharmacy stuff I explained I am on the do not call list they asked what that was I explained then they hung up.

Jasveer kaur
25, Sep. 2018

He said I call from Canada revenue agency. I have your file. You have jail somebody come your home and arest you if you not give me your accountant number because your tax have some problem you give wrong information. I send you last month letter but latter is return he said

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