Area Code 304

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Area code: 304
State: West Virginia
Country: USA
2, Aug. 2020

I think this may have to do with the Snapchat leak.

2, Jul. 2020

Judging by the number, it appears to be spoofed.

13, May. 2020

Message says he's looking for property in the area if you are interested in selling.

10, May. 2020

Thomas dorsher keep calling me for 1000 usd donations he has second number too 778-860-6665 Twitter accounts @ScammerBlaster @Level420S @MonkScambaiting @iexplorer_exe

8, May. 2020

called but left no message

4, May. 2020

Scammers! Just hang up or don’t respond. Zelle scam.

2, May. 2020

Although it gives me an option to opt out, which I have, the calls continue to come and I have not spoken to a live person.

2, May. 2020

I have researched this number on the internet and it appears to be a service for selling used cars.

2, May. 2020

perhaps you can do something about it.

Joyce O.
1, May. 2020

304-513-8759 called my mother-in-law {93} - said they were the police and that my son was in a bad accident, with a broken nose and in jail to give them $200.00 to get him out of jail.

27, Apr. 2020

I recieved call +92 3047356003 in whatsapp thrice consecutively. Each time I didn't receive and let it rang for the full time. They were no missed calls though. I am from India.

25, Apr. 2020

Hola crearon un WhatsApp con este numero y se pasan por mi para engañar a la gente... Ayudaaa

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