Area Code 304

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Area code: 304
State: West Virginia
Country: USA
4, Dec. 2018

Just missed a call and when i called back no one acknowledged calling

3, Dec. 2018

Claims to be taking a survey for a phone company.

2, Dec. 2018

This jerk had been one of my so called connections for some time on Facebook. This jerk has now become a pain to me as he has started calling me every night after 11.30 pm. How this fellow was able to get my telephone number still remains a mystery. Now the phone conversations are becoming rather too sensitive to my preference and although I tell him to stop calling he just takes it as a joke. I don’t like my director questioning regarding the telephone calls coming after office hours. However much, I tell the firm that I am not guilty everyone will think I am encouraging the calls.

1, Dec. 2018

This call comes everyday.sometimes 3x.ask for someone who not only never lived here, but isn't even family

29, Nov. 2018

This number is notorious for calling after 9PM.

29, Nov. 2018

Hung up on caller - don't know if recorded or not - called number back to be told it was a disconnected number.

27, Nov. 2018

I think this caller is violating the law, and I am going to report them. Where should I turn in a complaint? I hope somebody makes them stop already with the calls.

27, Nov. 2018

I answered our Samsung and there was a debt collector agent on the other end. I have never ever been spoken to that way. After the call, I was upset. I'm completely prepared to hire a lawyer.

27, Nov. 2018

My girl friend would like me to come to the Juice Palour close to the junction at 6 pm to have a mango juice Any time I step inot that spooky house the stupid woman starts calling me. I can’t have a proper chat with my girl friend as she is becoming weary by the day about the never ceasing mobile calls coming from this cranky woman. Oh Women, Women they are all coming behind me.

26, Nov. 2018

I volunteer for a self-help organization and have been given a cell phone. They were continually calling. A few minutes ago, I phoned them from a landline to ask to be removed their call list, but a representative was arrogant. I phoned again, the man said they already had my phone number. I told them that the company was calling the mobile phone, but then they disconnected. I phoned yet again to ask to speak to a manager. They said that there was no manager and wouldn't talk to me.

26, Nov. 2018

I trust scammers pretending to be federal officers have a higher chance of being investigated.

23, Nov. 2018

HELP, HELP, HELP please and thank you.

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