Area Code 304

Additional information:

Area code: 304
State: West Virginia
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

Scam. Caller ID was NDLS. Caller left a message indicating that there was a claim against me and legal documents were coming in the mail. The message advised me to call 877-219-3073 to obtain additional info. I did not call this number as it appeared to be an obvious scam.

12, Feb. 2019

Said they were Louisiana IRS

25, Jan. 2019

Said they were calling to help me with an internal problem on my computer. They said they were part of Global Service and working with the Geek Squad from Best Buy. I told them I didn't believe a word they were telling me. Shortly thereafter I got a disconnect.

23, Jan. 2019

Keeps on calling me. I never answer the call, so i don't know who is calling.. If i don't recognized the number or if they are not on my list

18, Jan. 2019


30, Dec. 2018

Texted me saying that she meet me on tinder and was going to be in town if I wanted to meet up with her. The message was sent with an inappropriate picture. I tried to be nice by saying this wasn’t who she was looking for and had the wrong number but she continued to send inappropriate pictures and Tried to get me to join her online chat. I’m gonna say scam.

26, Dec. 2018

Calls multiple times a day and when i answer sits there on the phone for a few seconds and then hangs up. Calls at least 3-4 times a day.

24, Dec. 2018

I was called 8 times letting me know I will be picked up by local cops and should call them back to discuss pending cases against me.

20, Dec. 2018

Refused to answer any questions on who was calling or the company, hung up when I asked for details.

15, Dec. 2018

Keeps calling

4, Dec. 2018

Just missed a call and when i called back no one acknowledged calling

3, Dec. 2018

Claims to be taking a survey for a phone company.

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