Area Code 303

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Area code: 303
State: Colorado
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

The Texas Senior Medicare Patrol has received several complaints about Medicare scam calls from 303-060-8796. The LIVE male caller says that he is calling from Medicare and is offering a number of new incentives and benefits for supplemental insurance. THIS SCAM IS AN ATTEMPT TO GET THE PERSON’S MEDICARE ID NUMBER. THIS IS A SCAM. MEDICARE WILL NEVER CALL YOU. Report these scams to the Federal Trade Commission (, and your state's Senior Medicare Patrol (1-877-808-2468, or DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR MEDICARE OR SOCIAL SECURITY IDS. Check your Medicare Summary Notices (MSNs). If you see that Medicare has been billed for a brace or other durable medical equipment that neither you nor your doctor has ordered, report that information immediately to your state's Senior Medicare Patrol (1-877-808-2468, or

10, Feb. 2019

Freak out guy sounded like Islamic terrorist called from 303.990.8689 cussing about some duct cleaning appointment that I never even asked for. He said he would find me and kill me for not having my ducts cleaned. Lunatic obviously had the wrong number, since my number is in the do not call registry.

7, Feb. 2019

This number called me, the lady would talk so fast I could not understand her. She claimed there was an issue in their office and she needed to verify my info to discuss with me. She stated they already mailed a letter to me, have never received. She said that had my info but wanted to verify. So I told her to tell me what info she had and u would verify that way. She would not do that. She eventually hung up on me. I called back , the phone is picked up on the other end and no one ever says anything.

Jim F
6, Feb. 2019

Watch out- They use several phone numbers. They did say that I contacted them about their products but I surely don’t recall ever contacting anyone about anything.

3, Feb. 2019

Wal-Mart coupon scam

25, Jan. 2019

Just received a called saying something a taxt matter. I have no idea what this is

14, Jan. 2019

Call daily several times without message

8, Jan. 2019

They have called saying they are chaos home loans. I have asked to be taken off their list and instead of doing that hang up on me.

2, Jan. 2019

Caller said he was with a roofing company. Said they would be "doing assessments" tomorrow and asked when I would be home. When I told him I didn't live in Colorado any more he hung up without saying anything else. Very suspicious. I wouldn't trust anyone calling from this number.

27, Dec. 2018

I got a call from them exactly when I finished my conversation with Chatr mobile company.

21, Dec. 2018

Has called me 2x's today. Has come in under the title scam and doesnt leave a message. I blocked the number.

11, Dec. 2018

Regis University’s Insurance for car, home etc. They respond to you signing up.

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