Area Code 302

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Area code: 302
State: Delaware
Country: USA
14, Dec. 2018

Text only...said we had $90,000 in winnings waiting for us but we had to pay a $10,000 delivery fee

12, Dec. 2018

Super quick. Went in at 7:10 didn’t wait more than 5 mins. Was out in 10 mins. Staff are very friendly. Best government office I’ve been to.

12, Dec. 2018

IRS Lawsuit Scam

11, Dec. 2018

Tried to buy something off of me fr craigslist said he’d “wire” me PayPal money w out seeing items. Complete fraud. Do not trust

7, Dec. 2018

They are telemarketers.and not worth listening to. They even told me they are working for the secretary of states office today while trying to reach the owner of a small business. The SOS has only received complaints about this company and has never hired them.

6, Dec. 2018

I got a phone call from Cooper Evans & Associates in the afternoon. I just can't imagine why. Is it possible to bring the light what is going on?

6, Dec. 2018

1 December 2018 TIME 1455hrs,NUISANCE call from Shanetta Gaynor, Current address:2802 N.West ST;Wilmington DE, PHONE NUMBER 302 543 4087. Prior phone numbers:302 691 7617 >>302 461 7480 LANDLINES. CALLER called ALSO on 2 December 2018 TIME 1455hrs

5, Dec. 2018

This phone number had better stop calling my mobile. What gives these people the permission to telephone me? What's next?

5, Dec. 2018

I receive nonstop calls from this collection agency. These voicemails have got to stop. When I telephone back, the rep embarrasses me.

3, Dec. 2018

I tried calling back a call from this number .

3, Dec. 2018

My brother lives with us in our home and on almost on all days keeps aside half of the meal he is consuming quickly. I do not like to see this happening as it is killing everyone. However, much I have told these idiots not to call it does not seem to be going into their thick heads. Might need a screw driver to drive these thoughts in

2, Dec. 2018

Yesterday, I was expecting to get a phone call from the furniture company when the Android phone started ringing for the 4th time during that morning. This was a rare kind of furniture and to my wonder the telephone call was from the unknown person who had been giving phone calls to me from previous Tuesday and always the conversation was one sided. I promptly took a decision to disconnect the cell phone. I forgot about the phone until my daughter reminded me just a few moments ago. I feel mad with nobody else but with myself for losing an important item for my collection.

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