Area Code 301

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Area code: 301
State: Maryland
Country: USA
15, Nov. 2018

Left a voicemail stating my social will be suspended due to illegal activity....spam!!

15, Nov. 2018

Is Anybody else receiving telephone calls from Centre Collections Limited? I do not believe I owe them money. Do not know why they are calling me.

14, Nov. 2018

Says my social has been purchased for illegal activity and they are going to freeze my social- it was very mumbled- It is same voice that has left messages like others have posted but this was a new one and they are all from various phone numbers

14, Nov. 2018

Just received a phone call from officer Robert Morris. Threatening arrest based on fraudulent taxes. Scammer Alert!

14, Nov. 2018

They want credit card information and for you to make a payment but won't tell you why or give you an account number

14, Nov. 2018

This company begins calling at 8 am and telephones 12 times per day. It's driving me crazy. Do you guys know it's possible to sue them in court ?

13, Nov. 2018

The area manager keeps giving calls 10 times a day asking about some history regarding transactions. The nurse was getting annoyed to witness us answering calls endlessly. The doctor gave strict advice for me to rest and quit answering the mobile calls coming in from the "CBF Business Solutions" trying to threaten me for something which I was not responsible.

13, Nov. 2018

However, our land number keeps getting calls from a man asking me to transfer the telephone cal to our Support department. The telephone calls continue and I have no choice other than to answer the calls and take up with the caller why they keep telephoning and the reason why they don’t quit calling. Idiots!

13, Nov. 2018

Calll ask if I had property and I had a mortgage I said yes and ask why are you calling me then she hang up!!! I hit recall and it said that phone was no longer in service!!!

13, Nov. 2018

This phone number has been phoning his caller ID a few times a week. Why is he getting these stupid telephone calls?

12, Nov. 2018

This debt collector left a message. He said that if I don't phone until the end of ther day my bill will be given to the police. He kept saying that it was important. When I dialed the number, I heard a robot saying that no one was available. I kept on leaving voicemails. I don't understand where to turn.

8, Nov. 2018

The phone calls come at 11 pm every Thursday an she is getting worried due to sleepless nights. She is also residing alone in an annex with no one around for quite a distance. We might have to take action fast as the guy has now obtained her whereabouts and has mentioned he is planning to come andd see her during the next couple of days. She is thinking of changing her apartment urgently and we all think it is a well thought decision.

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