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3, Mar. 2019

This is Lisa is the way all the calls start out.

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29, Oct. 2017

He is WhatsApp messenge me

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24, Oct. 2017

These people call practically every day at least several times a week.

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27, Sep. 2017

How can these toll free calls continue to get through?

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5, Feb. 2017

Thanks you for your attention to this matter.

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18, Apr. 2016

A person has set up a fraudulent website claiming to be our business. This is the number they are using. It is registered as a Brampton number.

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8, Feb. 2016

crank calls and texts -service provider is iristel?

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12, Oct. 2015

At that point they hang up.

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9, Oct. 2015

A series of nine 5-second "hang-up" voicemails at one-minute intervals.

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3, Oct. 2015

Would like to know who this is, googled it and it is a landline in Cypress, tx.

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2, Oct. 2015

Every day, sometimes 3 times a day. Never leaves message. When I answer it - nobody there. Very bothersome.

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28, Sep. 2015

This number has called me up to four times a day.

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4, Sep. 2015

Please investigate this one.

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26, Mar. 2015

Called at 8:30 am.thanks for waking me up and these early morning calls need to stop!

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6, Mar. 2015

This company calls very often from many different numbers, most of which originate from northern Virginia and the Washington D.C.

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25, Oct. 2014

same as above. 4 times in 4 hours on the 24th of October.

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1, Oct. 2014


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18, Sep. 2014

They call 2 to 8 times a day. I usually don't answer these types of calls but it is getting out of hand. I finally answer just to tell them to stop calling & there is nobody there.

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21, May. 2014

This number keeps calling me, who owns it?

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13, May. 2014

these people keep calling with prerecorded messages. then they change there numbers and call again. using up all my cell minutes. please help!

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18, Apr. 2014

This number has called me over 35 times this week. Please stop them, this is critical and killing my minutes!!

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6, Apr. 2014

This was a text message to my cell phone. It stated that I should call them. This is the second time I have reported this company. Please have them stop as I have to pay for all text messages.

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22, Feb. 2014

we get up to 5 calls a day. Always a recorded message. This time I picked option 1 and got a live person. When I asked them NOT to call me again they hung up part way through my statement.

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16, Jan. 2014

Called 5 times a day since last few days. Will not talk. When called back, it goes on answering.

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19, Aug. 2013

won't quit calling!

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25, Feb. 2013

Call from this no. today. Answering machine took it but they didn't leave a message

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7, Feb. 2013

These recorded calls have been occurring repeatedly over the past few months. I did an internet search on the number and it appears many others have received the same calls. Our number is registered on the do-not-call list.

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10, Jan. 2013

He said he was from bell canada, and asked me how many services i had with bell, then he hung up

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15, Jul. 2012

Please stop these fraudulent calls!! At one point, I did return a call to advise we are on the NDNC List, and the man who answered made a rude comment and hung up. I am willing to participate in action against this bogus company, if need be.

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7, Feb. 2012

Called numerous time. At night and morning. Didn't leave a message