Area Code 281

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Area code: 281
State: Texas
Country: USA
12, Feb. 2019

The ever super shady Portfolio Recovery. A well-organized thieving cartel masquerading as a debt collector. They call daily from multiple numbers from every state in the union. They will continue with the harassing calls even if you are not the person they are looking for. They do not care. They just want their money. The money for the debt they bought. Debt they bought for around .04¢ on the dollar.

Annoyed Person wit a Phone
12, Feb. 2019

I have been called by this number a few times. No one speaks. Do not know if it is automated. Pretty much: WTF!!

11, Feb. 2019

He said he was a loan center

8, Feb. 2019

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

5, Feb. 2019

I got call from 281-417-8698 and have reported to

1, Feb. 2019

This person calls and leaves a voicemail saying she is the compliance officer and calling from fort bend county office and trying to locate me since there is a case number filed through fort bend county and that it will come to public record if I don’t call some number with the case number.

22, Jan. 2019

Not osteen. Its a debt collector.

22, Jan. 2019

Called stating the are looking for Detective Robin Hartfield they are dealing with a situation. Text at 12:09 am

17, Jan. 2019

Calls my cell every week. No message left. I never answer.

17, Jan. 2019

Called me 5 times within one hour. Called the number back and indicated it's not a working number. Blocked

16, Jan. 2019

I got word-for-word the same message that Woody got from Amy Price about cable service charges, with same reference number. I do have cable with a major cable company, not with an un-named company and unfamiliar call-back number. They did not say the customer's name that this call was intended for, so (like Woody), I believe that this is likely a total scam and I have not returned the call.

15, Jan. 2019

This scam is still going on, does anybody knows where one can report SCAM's?. I cannot believe how this type of calls can continue over and over again.

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