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20, Feb. 2016

I get calls from this number frequently when I hang up, it always calls right back so every call is actually two calls.

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11, Jan. 2016

Asked for me by name then asked if this was the main number or direct extension.

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3, Jan. 2015

This is the fourth time TODAY that I have received a call from this number and this is the fourth time TODAY that I have filed a complaint.

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20, Apr. 2014

They are now calling me three times a day, and when I stay on the line to wait till a live person picks up, to tell them to stop, they hang up on me when I start talking. I consider their calls harassment at this point.

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17, Dec. 2012

They are calling to sell more products. This is a trick. Their vendors are hiding behing a company. name to say we authorizzed them to place the calls.