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30, Apr. 2019

I have received repeated calls from these well known scam artists representing they are calling on behalf of Microsoft Technical Services Department.

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3, Apr. 2019

I think my number is being sold by a lead broker.

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18, Jul. 2018

The fax produces a distinct ring to identify same.

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9, Oct. 2017

I received a call from this number on friday the 1st of November.

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16, Jul. 2015

Recording saying I'm being sued by the IRS and I file every year I called the number and it just rang!

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18, Jan. 2015

(We were not home at the time of this call.)

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25, Jul. 2013

This was a recorded message received on a unpublished cell phone.

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7, Jul. 2013

Well since I filed a complaint they called again. They did not give me a chance to ask them to not call. This number is a cell phone so it goes against my minutes that I pay for. Please stop them! Thanks.

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20, Feb. 2013

Unsolicited call was received late last night.

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25, Jun. 2012

I have call this number back everytime they have called and requested that they do not call here again through the prompt of the recorded message.