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18, Sep. 2013

This person is sending text messages to my telephone

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11, Mar. 2013

When you call the number back it says it is disconnected but they keep calling from that number.

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3, Mar. 2013

Unable to tell them to stop calling is automated call with no one picking up if you stay on the phone. I get 2 or 3 of these each week. Unsure of the exact name of the company. The recording did not identify the caller.

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26, Jan. 2013

These are robocalls from a company. Calls are frequent, almost daily despite trying to get removed their list. When I scam them back and say I. interested in their services, and when I ask where they are located, the rep. hangs up immediately. Please help with these constant annoying calls.

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4, Aug. 2012

The call I received was about lowering my credit card interest rate.