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3, Aug. 2018

Rude and calling now from multiple numbers. Harassment. Ridiculous. On the DNC list and they do not care.

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12, Feb. 2018

I tried calling back that number and it is voice mail box that says it is full.

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5, Nov. 2017

The company name is Carpet Tile and Furniture Cleaning Experts

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30, Jan. 2017

They have called at least three times.

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29, Dec. 2016

Daily recorded message from Carmen at Card Holders Services.

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13, May. 2016

this number has been reported on several sites as a scam.

Luis B
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25, Nov. 2013

She text me the same that she like my pics and she have to leave and to call her on the number ... Is a scam ...

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28, Apr. 2013

This was the 3rd call so far today. The recording says they can me anytime at my convenience. Well, them calling me is not convenient at all!

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24, May. 2012