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6, Jun. 2019

I have told them to stop calling me, but they continue.

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5, Jun. 2019

They leave a voice message telling me that I will be served with the following information:b(6) CRW and a phone number of 866-755-9648

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4, Jun. 2019

PLEASE arrest these people and send them to GITMO!

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6, Nov. 2018

Called re Strategic Fin offer for credit consolidation

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3, Aug. 2014

Loser keeps calling, might as well get rid of home phone, only a tool for these crap vendors.

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8, Jul. 2014

We have received calls from this company about a dozen times this month we have ask them not to call each time but they keep calling. They are very pushy when they call. Please put a stop to it. PLEASE!!

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10, Jun. 2013

This number has been calling me for months. I answered today and told him the person he was looking for did not live here. He told me f--k you. I immediately hung up.

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10, Apr. 2013

I got the same call and he said his name was John Smith from some Law Firm called Houston Law Firm. He sounded like he was from overseas w/a lot of other callers in the background. Is he for real?

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24, Aug. 2012

they call my house every week!