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13, Mar. 2019

This company uses a marketing company and they change the marketing company regularly.

Business Owner
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8, Aug. 2018

Rude, would not leave a message. VOIP number

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7, Aug. 2018

Realtor solicitation about listing my home for sale

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21, Jun. 2018

They threatened me with legal action in case I ignored the message.

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19, Mar. 2018

Did not respond to my request to not call back, just kept trying to sell me.

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24, Jan. 2018

Calling to collect payment

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3, Jan. 2017

Someone called and left a message that a package could not be delivered. I found it odd that neither a name or company name was provided in the voice mail. The caller ID shows the call originating from a 252 area code but the message said to call this number. I've blocked both numbers.

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8, Jun. 2016

trying to sell some chemical.

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26, May. 2016

The guy has a very broken accent so know he is from another country.

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26, Jan. 2016

I have asked them to remove my name over and over.