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13, Jul. 2016

I take no medications whatsoever, particularly not pain medications.

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28, Mar. 2016

I have tied googleing this number to see who keeps calling me but it keeps telling me it is someone in El Monte, CA which I know no one from there.

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13, Oct. 2015

Called and never answered.

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2, Oct. 2015

When a customer service person comes on and I try to speak they hang up.

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23, Jun. 2013

This robo call not only calls my home but also my cell phone. I have not received a cell call in awhile. I have asked several times to stop calling. Although the recorded message appears to be the same, the phone number it comes from changes.

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13, Aug. 2012

Asking for people to leave confidential financial information in a voice mail message to receive a call back.

JK Camp bell
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22, Feb. 2012

need to know if it is assigned to anyone. Don't need to know who.