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15, Feb. 2018

My voice mail received a blip sound which means that this was another robo call. No msg was left. Many complaints on "800notes" web site. Thank you - b(6)

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12, Oct. 2017

I tried to explain I did not want this call and that I had an unlisted number.

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23, May. 2017

However, there is no option for removal.

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2, Jan. 2017

6am,today, this company from India called us again.

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22, Jan. 2013

Was told the same message to catch up with an old friend...Def a scam...please block this number...

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8, Nov. 2012

These people have been calling me for over a month on my cell phone. They have my number under a --- and wanted to know if I knew her? I told them to stop calling me.

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28, Oct. 2012

Sent an anonymous text, but did use my real first name! Posed as an old friend that I hadn't spoken with for a long time. Didn't reply...