Area Code 269

Additional information:

Area code: 269
State: Michigan
Country: USA
23, Mar. 2019

She said the technical department but never says from what company.

19, Mar. 2019

There number also changes from a toll free call to a private caller.

Seamus Manfart
14, Mar. 2019

Bizarre and seemingly malevolent, these people robocall on a massive scale, playing a seriously creepy recording of heavy breathing and ambient TV sounds in the background- you can find a recording on nomorobo. If you call back, the operator claims they "return calls" from people who first called them seeking addiction services, which, i mean, maybe they sell addiction services, but they know full well they aren't returning shit, they are spammers. At any rate, whoever these people are, they are incredibly sketchy to be using such a screwy, creepy approach that undoubtedly creeps out many, many people. I can imagine receiving a call of a person maintaining silence except for breathing heavily would be incredibly unnerving for many, women particularly. They need to be shut down, and encouraged in any way to switch up their game.

14, Mar. 2019

They call at least twice a month.

JJ Grand Rapids MI
13, Mar. 2019

TOTAL TIME WASTER! Do NOT SEE for a massage or anything else! 35 year old black man that plays games- he had no money only weed on him. Smelled strongly of Marijuana, STUNK worse than a skunk. AVOID like the PLAGUE! Do Not SEE!!!!! Time Waster!!!!!!

7, Mar. 2019

they hang up, never leave message.

6, Mar. 2019

This number called my wife at a number 800miles away and has called here parents, in the area of the callers number with threats of personal physical damage.

4, Mar. 2019

do you people do nothing about this?

4, Mar. 2019

I don't owe any money to anybody and have no idea whe all these people calling are!

4, Mar. 2019

2nd time calling today.

4, Mar. 2019

A human

2, Mar. 2019

Recording did not provide name, but purported to be from "your credit card company

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