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22, Mar. 2016

This company claims to be the IRS and they ask for money to avoid taking you to jail.

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20, Jul. 2014

Thank you for having the information on this site. I received a text message with my full name in all capital letters. It said hello "first name, middle initial, last name", I believe this is "first name, middle initial, last name"? I thought it odd, because personally and professionally I only use my middle name. and in some instances I only use my first initial and middle name so I knew it was something out of the ordinary. The text came through at 10:04 am on a Sunday. I googled the area code first and when I realized I did not know anyone in Philadelphia I googled the whole number and came upon this site

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27, Apr. 2013

this company was calling every day. I made a complaint a month or two ago and they stopped calling. today the calls started again. I recognized the recording.

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26, Mar. 2013

this is the 3rd time in 2 days this same automated number has called.

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21, Nov. 2012

These butt headshave been told probably 40 or 50 times to stop calling. They are looking for anyone thats answering the phone and after the computer generated message then some idiot clicks in. Have asked them to stop calling me. It went to deaf ears so I just don't answer the telephone when I see it on caller ID.. Please stop these idiots from calling me.