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5, Nov. 2018

When the calls came in today at 6.00 am one after the other I did not want to wait without answering as I was hoping to get a mobile call as I was unsuccessful in getting through to them after giving calls for more than 8 instances a month. Unfortunately, the telephone calls were not what I expected and the calls were from a person who mentioned that he had talked to me before. I am not certain what to call people of this nature - Actors?

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31, May. 2018

Y,1,516,4536886,I receive at least 5-10 robocslls per day

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24, Feb. 2018

on 1/21/15 at 1.31p from 6024831377 identified as unavailable.

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8, Jul. 2017

This did not work as I received another call a few days later

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13, Feb. 2013

They asked me to renew my subscription. The caller, male, did not know when my subscription expired. I refused and told him no take my name off his lists. I never dealt with them.