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15, Mar. 2019

My husband had a stroke and this harrassment is disturbing and we want it to stop.

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14, Nov. 2017

This number has called me several times over the past 18 months

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4, Nov. 2014

We have registered this phone number for over one year.

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7, Oct. 2013

This number has been calling my phone for two weeks now. I have been on the DNC List since 2009.

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9, Jul. 2013

This seems like a scam. The person asks for your info. If you look the number up online, you will find several complaints about it.

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10, Jul. 2012

These people have been calling house for the last year! They call me, can. get them to stop!

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15, Apr. 2012

Called acting dazed and confused. Don't know if it was a prank or if they guy was high or intoxicated.