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18, Feb. 2016

didn't even get to hear the whole pitch before the rude attitude started. I asked the caller to watch his tone and he hung up.

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5, Feb. 2016

I pushed 1 to talk to a person, they wanted to give me a medical monitor!

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24, Dec. 2015

Thye have called about 10 to 15 time in the last 4 weeks!

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29, Jul. 2013

This place constantly calls me. I have asked them to stop and take me off their lists. They do not. They hang up on me. They refuse to listen and argue with me. This place calls me several times each and every week for months. DO SOMETHING!

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10, Jun. 2013

We have asked this company not to call us. Yet the harassment continues.

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30, Oct. 2012

These guys are keep calling and leaving long voicemails.