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20, Mar. 2019

I have asked to stop calling but they continue.

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26, May. 2014

They call for the last couple of weeks. It's always a message saying to hold the line for a representative.

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26, May. 2014

We have asked this company multiple times to stop calling but they continue to do so.

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26, May. 2014

This nuisance caller seems to be a common problem.

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10, Jul. 2013

There were 3 calls to our number. No message left at any times.

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6, Jul. 2013

This people keeps calling then hangs up.

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17, May. 2013

I've asked repeatedly to take my phone number off. They called me today and I got a recording to hold as the had an important message for me. I hung up as I was getting waited on. They just called me again. The calls are coming in twice a day even though I have told them I'm not who they are looking for.

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10, May. 2013

These people have called before. I have this number blocked, but I do not want them calling altogether. Even though my numbers have been on the do not call list forever, they seem to find a way to get them. Someone needs to crack down on these people already. Everybody is getting sick of them. Please stop these people already!

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4, May. 2013

They call several times a day and several times a week. I told them that I was not interested in anything they have to sell and yet they keep calling. Please put a stop to them. There are lots of complaints against this number.

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12, Mar. 2013

spam, text message sent with a link to a website. They had my name too.

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10, Mar. 2013

link to a website but used my name in text message to me

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9, Mar. 2013

This number has called me several times now. When I answer it there is nothing heard, then there is a tone and the call is disconnected. I have registered with the National Do Not Call list for this reason of not wanting these unwanted calls. I would like them to stop calling me.

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24, Nov. 2012

they call every day, never leave messages, they call from many different number, very annoying!

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17, Nov. 2012

The rep says nothing and hangs the phone up. Upon attempting to recall the number, it seems to be a non working number.