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22, May. 2014

Time waster. Noo moola us up models and real estate agents and then tries to J-off talikng bout panty hose sessions

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4, Mar. 2014

They also use automated dialers that hang up on you if you answer.

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28, Jun. 2013

This is unsolicited call.

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6, Apr. 2013

This phone number has called me roughly every night for the past two months. I have called them back twice asking them to stop calling me and the same man aswered and hung up on me. It usually calls my cell phone in the evening.

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10, Mar. 2013

This was a robo-call to my cell phone. I pushed the prompt number to reach a live person. When asked to opt out of their calls,, they hung up on me.

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10, Mar. 2013

They sent me a text with my name in it and a tiny url to click on. I did not click on it. They also knew my nick name

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9, Mar. 2013

This recorded message calls several times a week but doesn't say what company. The message is threatening. Today I spoke to someone. When I asked that I be taken off their call list, he repeatedly refused. I feel harassed by the volume of recorded calls I am receiving from this number.

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7, Sep. 2012

They asked me for personal information. I asked what this is in regards to and they insisted on get my personal info again and I refused. This seems to be a scam.