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22, Jun. 2018

This number call me i don't know who is i ask to identify him self and he proceed to asking if i am Sharymyr

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1, Oct. 2015

I answered the call. A recording message played saying I could lower my interest rates. To speak with someone about this I should press number 1 or if I was not interested in lowering my interest rate and should not be called anymore, I should press 3. I pressed neither 1 nor 3. I hung up.

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14, Sep. 2015

Several calls have come from this number.

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3, Sep. 2015

alls with silence, pauses then says goodbye.

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12, Mar. 2015

This was clearly a scam.

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9, Aug. 2014

Something to do with Google.

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29, Nov. 2012

They call with recorded message and I hit 1 and ask them to add me to a do not call list and they hung up.

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26, Jun. 2012

They call with a recorded message. First, it is suspuscious. Second, it is an unwanted call. I hope they do not steal information from people and cause problems. These people should not be allowed to do this.