Area Code 254

Additional information:

Area code: 254
State: Texas
Country: USA
18, May. 2019

They called me names, tod me I was ugly, fat, and had a retarded kid at home.

17, May. 2019

The message that was left on my machine stated that it was the last official notice from the IRS, Internal Revenue Services and that legal action would be filed against me if I did not contact them at the number given.

16, May. 2019

I have no idea how to stop these calls.

15, May. 2019

I am inundated with constant calls all day long - both with robocalls that show no phone number or companies I have never heard of calling my line.

12, May. 2019

You may call me at b(6) regarding this complaint.

10, May. 2019

Repetitive harasser looking for a b(6) who never lived here, but evidently had this phone number before me.

10, May. 2019

and I must call a different number to learn more.

8, May. 2019

However, I don't know if this is a recorded call or a live person, as no one answered my request.

8, May. 2019

I didn't answer, I have to screen my calls. Ever since these people started using VOIP lines, the "national do not call registry" can't stop them. Something needs to be done!

7, May. 2019

Then they say they are the BBB and then hang up and then my phone is ringing again from a.another number.

7, May. 2019

.pre-recorded messages from insurance company.

6, May. 2019

No Company name provided on Called ID just said New York.

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