Area Code 254

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Area code: 254
State: Texas
Country: USA
17, Nov. 2018

Number 254-236-6149 calls and a Robot voice says my ssn has fradulant activity and to call back before legal proceedings begin. Smells fishy

16, Nov. 2018

The calls come at 6 am every Wednesday anf she is getting disturbed due to sleepless nights. She is also staying alone in an annex with no one around for miles. We might need to take action immediately as the guy has now obtained her whereabouts and has mentioned he is going to visit her during next weekend. She is thinking of changing her residence immediately and we all think it's a well thought decision.

16, Nov. 2018

Normally I try not to answer phone calls from anonymous telephone numbers but since the representative who calls was so persistent I finally gave in and answered the mobile calls as I was looking forward to receiving a call from one of my nieces who was currently overseas The person who was calling was so difficult to understand and I had no clear idea of what the call was about. During the last conversation I faintly heard a recording being played in the background and I was able to hear a few words Of the company without the caler being aware. I tried to verify with the person who is telephoning regarding the recording and strangely from the other end I heard a series of hiccups and then the line goes dead.

15, Nov. 2018

I got a automated call from this number .

13, Nov. 2018

She was given the iphone as her 14th birthday gift and she was very happy about it. We advised her many instances not to get too addicted to the cellular phone all the time and it never really worked until Saturday. My cousin sister is having second thoughts now about using her new mobile phone as she says she is not pleased to get calls from individuals who cannot talk because the man does not speak loud enough. These young people simply do not understand that anything and everything cannot be taken as a toy. When we lodged a complaint about the phone calls the lawyer mentioned that most females complain about such mobile calls and it has become one of the most common complaints received by the telephone providers.

13, Nov. 2018

This man called Kendall telephones Thursday. I loathe receiving these irritating calls. Can someone assist me?

13, Nov. 2018

My daughter told me this number is from Cash Net USA. Can someone say the truth ?

13, Nov. 2018

I received the famous telephone call when I was at the local salon to get a ne hair cut. The sudden sound of the cell phone made me shake my head in fright and the scissor almost cut my right ear. I need to put a stop to this business of the telephone calls in some manner. I reluctantly informed him that these nuisance telephone cals have been going on for the last four months and all they ask is to verify a few information and the mobile calls are nothing of importance. Oh! my goodness what is this country coming to I am not certain. Scammers And what not!

13, Nov. 2018

I received a phone message from Cashnet USA at 12 and it disturbed me. I haven't ever heard of that debt collection agency. I believe I must phone them back.

13, Nov. 2018

This pone number had better stop telephoning ] + [ I am sick of these incessant phone calls.

12, Nov. 2018

I'm on the edge with the kind of telephone calls I am getting from #. Our phone number is very new. Like a couple weeks old. Besides this phone number calling, a debt collector keeps phoning someone with the name of Albert or something like that.

12, Nov. 2018

Just now got a phone call from this business. A robot voice told me that the telephone for a guy I didn't know. I requested to be taken off their call list, but I know it won't stop the calls.

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