Area Code 253

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Area code: 253
State: Washington
Country: USA
"The Phone Hobbyists" Entertainment
15, Dec. 2018

I HOPE THEY GOT POPCORN! The "Phone Hobbyists" behind number did not call but text this message to me....... "you're starting to see the truth behind us. look away" WTF? I mean REALLY! That is not only creepy but "ALMOST" stalker material! Seriously what the hell is a "Phone Hobbyist?" When I looked up the text number this crap showed up! What the hell is all this BS supposed to mean? Tacoma, Washington Its exchange 753 is managed by INTERNATIONAL TELCOM, LTD. - W The number is currently on switch number STTLWAKGDS0 (switch is a technical specification, provided here for phone hobbyists)

13, Dec. 2018

Major spam call!!!!

13, Dec. 2018

I received a recorded message indicating that my social security number is suspended due to fraud and I should call 253-299-4398. and speak with an agent right away to avoid formal legal action. I called the number (out of curiosity) and a gentleman with an accent answered the phone indicating that he was an agent with the Social Security Agency. I hung up - THIS IS A SCAM. I have reported it to the FTC and Attorney General.

11, Dec. 2018

My buddy got the same call, 8k grant for $200. Told him to hang up.

7, Dec. 2018

Debt collector

6, Dec. 2018

the automatic call never had a pause in it but spealed off about Donaldson, Alonso owing a debit and they were filling in ?? blurred words??? contact us immediately.. I am not that person,,, that person is unknown to me,,, I has had my number for more then ten years...

6, Dec. 2018

They call saying they are collection agency trying to recover debt I owe from when I moved out of my apartment. I still live there dummies

6, Dec. 2018

My son says this telephone number is from Convergent Outsourcing. Is that true ?

5, Dec. 2018

What the hell is this company and why could they be calling Dan on my mobile phone ? How could I make them stop ?

4, Dec. 2018

Scam Caller

1, Dec. 2018

When I call back it says not valid number.

29, Nov. 2018

My hobby is working in the garden and I love to look at the plants in my garden. Although I tell the agent not to bother me the person does not attend to my request. Due to the weather conditions I am not sure about the calls. The mobile calls are simply coming from a company who specializes in automated calls and all this time when I think of the efforts I have taken and the minutes wasted I go crazy.

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