Area Code 253

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Area code: 253
State: Washington
Country: USA
14, Nov. 2018

I almost threw the Tennis racket in disgust when I felt the Android phone ringing inside my pocket for the 5th occasion. I take all the trouble to stop the game and answer the mobile calls and all what the persons who call say is Hello! I really feel ike killing the person who calls near the sports complex itself. After I get the calls I can never concentrate again.

13, Nov. 2018

Computer voice trying to talk saying they are IRS. Yeah right. Seattle Washington (253) 843-6564. The IRS does NOT call you. A computer voice. Really. "Call one of our 'officers' at this number. Your social security number has been fraudulently used in Texas. Please call now or your social security number will be suspended." They don't even make any effort to tell you what they think your social security number is. Woooo. I am really scared now. NOT

9, Nov. 2018

Downloaded an Android application. Kinda interesting. If some caller is from a collection agency I can block it. I really am crazy about iPhones.

6, Nov. 2018

Robo caller, does not leave message.

5, Nov. 2018

What a trial! This is not the first time these cellular calls have come in today and we hvea been answering similar cellular calls since Sunday. After all they are telephoning me and not in reverse. I sat and thought of going through the telephone records to note how thge cellular calls have been received. We are going to the laywers when I go to town an then block the caller. My niece makes fun of me and remarks that the prson who keeps calling is obsessed with my voice. I told her it is not at all funny.

31, Oct. 2018

I received a call from 253-336-4963 saying that an action was filed against me and that police were coming to take me into custody. Good to know this is part of a scam!

30, Oct. 2018

Claims to be with Toyota and wanted to schedule me for an oil change......

30, Oct. 2018

It is a real pain as the telephone calls come without fail on time. At the time the telephone rings my kiid who is oniy 5 weeks old wakes up alarmed. I have tried to minimize the ringing tone but she gets up at the slightest sound and we have to take a lot of effort to put her into bed. I feel like complaining about the callers. The organization is not able to de-list our number from their customer list as taking out my number will involve a large amount of money and I am not able to do that at present due to my current level of funds.

23, Oct. 2018

Recorded messages asked is I was a certain person with no disclosure as to who was contacting

18, Oct. 2018

They call me daily from both numbers and never leave a message.

17, Oct. 2018

I never answer numbers I don’t know but did answer this one since the area code was Kent, WA and I live somewhat nearby. I answered and a guy said his name was Mike calling from fire fighter—- then It cut off to silence and they hung up. I don’t get these calls... I even answered and they just hang up? What kind of scam is that?

16, Oct. 2018

There was no name shown on the ID except the phone number.

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