Area Code 252

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Area code: 252
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
24, May. 2019

They called and asked what if I was John Doe and if I would verify the last four digits of my social security number which they had the last four digits I just didn't say that was it but it's scared to know that they had those last four digits they just wanted me to verify so I denied verifying it and ask who they were and they would not tell me who they were or if they were a corporation or anything they said that I have to identify myself first before they could tell me who and what they are and then hung up in my face so I called them back and I asked again if I was John Doe and would I verify the last four digits of my social security number which they had those I just didn't verify scary

22, May. 2019

This number has been calling almost every day for a couple of weeks. We screen our calls and do not pick up but tired of hearing from them. It is "Online Informant"

17, May. 2019

I answered and got not response .

16, May. 2019

This is another call from AlertHave gotten at least 5 from themrecorded message about an Alert system for seniorsscare tactics again.

13, May. 2019

I have no interest in this type of call or compensation.

12, May. 2019

It's the darn medic alert people.

11, May. 2019

Get around 4 calls a day from this number along with a V5112060000001 number. before actual number appears..

10, May. 2019

I think this number is involved in a scam concerning grant money . They got me for 100.00 already and trying to get more money. Not sure how to handle this .

10, May. 2019

They do not give any company name.

9, May. 2019

Most recent: 10/26/13 6:12 p.m. 10/22/13 6:08 p.m.

9, May. 2019

I have opted out about ten times, but the calls continue and the number keeps changing.

8, May. 2019

This time the caller ID shows the call coming from Seattle, WA Who the he1l are these creeps?

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