Area Code 252

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Area code: 252
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
19, Nov. 2018

attempting to sell us a home security system.

13, Nov. 2018

Says he works for Dr Pepper and Snapple. The ad is looking for people to get an advert car wrap on your car that pays $500 wk. But he wants me to deposit or cash a check remove my 500$ then give the rest to the car wrap guy. This is bullshit. It's a scam. And you'll get in trouble if that fake check actually clears.

5, Nov. 2018

This phone number phoned regarding my sister's credit card invoice. It's ridiculous that I am receiving these recorded calls on my mobile. I don't think collectors can legally telephone a person's relatives to tell them about their bill. And it is simply stupid.

1, Nov. 2018

These people/bots are relentless. I got 5 "missed calls" in 40 minutes one afternoon.. Sometimes they skip a day or two, but then they call multiple times at all hours of day. NoMoRoBo catches them but they show up on my phone's missed calls list. Never a message and when I star-67 back, an automated voice which doesn't identify the company just says there's no one available right now. Grrrr.

31, Oct. 2018

As far as I can tell, this crazy outfit uses at least three different numbers. This phone number is only one. These people won't stop telephoning. This is illegal. It doesn't seem to make a difference that my home telephone is listed on the do not call list.

31, Oct. 2018

This phone number calls me on my cell at work and it drives me crazy. It is ridiculous. I repeatedly asked help.

31, Oct. 2018

I know the telephone number # when the phone call came in to my cel phone. I do not wanna speak to a collector. I need them to quit calling me.

30, Oct. 2018

My husband says that this phone number is from Best Buy. Is anyone able to tell me the truth ?

30, Oct. 2018

receive calls from this clown continously . I requested for their address but they did not say .

30, Oct. 2018

We received more than 9 calls. There isn't a reason we should be getting these robocalls.

30, Oct. 2018

The business called my telephone some months ago. They called time and time again. The company always called for a dude I didn't even know. When I convinced them that I really was clueless about this person, the company disconnected me. How could I convince the company to desist telephnoing ?

29, Oct. 2018

I'm so mad that I cannpt even speak. My cousin got a phhone call from this business. She told me that they ask for me under my maiden name. It seems like the caller indicated I didn't make a payment for $60. This seems fishy. I attempted to call back but it connects with a recording.

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