Area Code 251

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Area code: 251
State: Alabama
Country: USA
6, Dec. 2018

# called me and was dismayed. I tried to ring back last evening but wouldn't leave a voice message. I really do not know if I will call another time.

2, Dec. 2018

The words used by the people who call are very unpleasant and I don’t like my niece who is not yet 13 listening to this foul language. I am sure that the kid would have learnt a few horrible words and will be using the words in her interactions. I feel like adding some nice verbiage to their vocabulary.

29, Nov. 2018

Lighthouse Insurance Group. If you searched for health insurance anywhere online they will call you twenty times a day 😡

28, Nov. 2018

They called a second time today anyway.

28, Nov. 2018

I do not owe Colorado Tech a penny but I do carry a Visa with them. I don't understand why they are calling. How can I make the telephone calls to stop?

28, Nov. 2018

I have repeatedly told them to stop calling me

27, Nov. 2018

I only picked up once, but just dead air.

26, Nov. 2018

This is a collection agency. if you have outstanding credit card debt they probably purchased it from your bank or creditor. DO NOT AGREE TO THE DEBT YOU OWE. This is how they can trap you. if you do not agree or even accept their calls they cannot sue you. I do not judge you or what led to the credit card debt but know you owe the bank money and they have sold this debt your contract with the bank is fulfilled. Block the collections agencies and then just be more careful with future credit. Also it drops from your credit (if you don't let the collection agencies haggle you.) after about 7 years.

26, Nov. 2018

Consumer states she has her phone number registered on the NDNC.

25, Nov. 2018

The mobile calls are sometimes grouped together. Whenever I attempt to telephone the caller back, it leads to nowhere. This ticks me off. There has got to be some kind of lawsuit to make these calls cease.

25, Nov. 2018

I received a telephone call at twelve today. I have a slightest idea who is this person they asked about. I don't understand why my Android got on their call list.

23, Nov. 2018

This phone number calls more thna nine times every week and never leaves a message. When we pick up the telephone, it sounds like a robocall voice.

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