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20, Sep. 2016

What does it take to get this man from calling?

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5, Aug. 2016

484-223-1960, 484-223-1620,484-223-1971 all out of Allentown, PA, Must Stop.

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1, Jul. 2016

I've not done business with any cruise agency.

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28, Jun. 2016

This is a scam. I called them back but there was static on the line and they hung up on me. Twice. Here is a tran of the message they left. "It's Burton and I'm calling regarding enforcement actions executed by US treasury intending(?) attention. Ignoring this will be an intentional employee initial appearance before the magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal event b(6) I repeat 567-242-0560 I need you to cooperate with us and help us to help you. Thanks hi this message is intended to contact you name isb(6) and I'm calling regarding enforcement actions executed by US treasury intending your attention. Ignoring will be an intentional check and-attempt-to(?) avoid initial appearance before the magistrate judge Grant Judy put a federal criminal offense. My number is b(6).

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15, Jun. 2013

We have reported them many times.

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11, Jun. 2013

This recorded spam call was made to my cell phone, which I have just registered. The same recorded message has been made to our home phone over the last several weeks. I also just registered that number.

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21, May. 2013

When this person called, I informed them that I was on the do not call list and that I was going to report them to Federal officials. In less than 10 minutes I received a call from the same number and it sounded like the same voice and the person informed me they were a federal official following up on a do not call violation. I confronted them and then hung up.

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13, May. 2013

This week I keep getting calls. Some are automated, some aren't, but they are every night and getting really annoying. I have been registered for years on do not call. Why are these automated calls all of a sudden coming in? What can we do to make it stop?

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24, Mar. 2013

These folks call often. There is no option to be removed from their registry. When I asked to be removed from their system, consistently, they hang up immediately.

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9, Nov. 2012

There was no option to remove my number from their calling list. As soon as I asked, the caller hung up. This is the 3rd time I've requested my number be removed.

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14, Apr. 2012

The person who owns this phone is very rude and arrogant!