Area Code 239

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Area code: 239
State: Florida
Country: USA
20, Nov. 2018

The following messages and words came to my cellphone and I have no idea who this is. The words they used were: 1) Dope 2) I got the message 3) Beafus 4) Faggot I don't know how to block them; please follow up on this. Thank you!

20, Nov. 2018

Very vulgar language

19, Nov. 2018

Same company calling from multiple phone numbers 3+ times a day.

18, Nov. 2018

The telephone rings and when I pick up the phone no one answers for about 8 minutes. You just have to listen to that recording and no one ever talks. I am uncertain why they are calling. I am a very patient guy but with these continuing telephone calls I am losing my patience.

18, Nov. 2018

Imagine getting more than 15 calls from a company to impress us over and over withn two days. The calls keep coming at a rate. I am unable to focus on my work. These people who telephone are worrying. I am not sure who are the culprits behind these phone calls. We have been trying to telephone the business to find out further information without luck. The company is supposed to deal with top clients in the vicinity.

18, Nov. 2018

I get calls from this phone number repeatedly but I don't know who's calling me. It is gobbling up our cell mobile phone traffic. I am going to submit a grievance ?

16, Nov. 2018

Whenever I answer the phone, the person isn't there. I try to call back but a pre recorded message says that the telephone number has been out of service.

16, Nov. 2018

I’m so tired of getting calls that don’t leave messages or when you answer they hang up & you call back & the number is disconnected plus all the scam calls I get. I’m about to get rid of my phone it’s so bad.

13, Nov. 2018

He just called me about a pair of womens shoes. He asked where my husband was, told me to walk to a different room so he can talk to me. Asked if he could meet me, etc, etc, etc..... Removing my number from ad now.....

11, Nov. 2018

I get around 8 mobile calls from this guy and I can't stand it. When I pick up, they chuckled and hung up. I 'm going to post this telephone number everywhere I can.

10, Nov. 2018

Received a call that our vehicle was in an accident recently, unfortunately the vehicle they bribed has been parked in a garage in Iowa.

8, Nov. 2018

In general I don’t answer telephone calls from anonymous mobile numbers but since the agent who calls was gving calls regularly I finally gave in and answered the mobile calls as I was expecting a call from one of my friends who was currently overseas The agent who was calling was not clear and I had no clear idea of what the call was about. During the last telephone call I faintly heard a recording being played in the background and I was able to catch a few words of the recording without the caller being aware. I tried to check with the person who is calling regarding what I heard on the phone and strangely from the other side I heard a series of hiccups and then the telephone line goes dead.

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