Area Code 234

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Area code: 234
State: Ohio
Country: USA
30, Jan. 2019

When they called me, the person I spoke with was VERY cordial, rare for a unsolicited call. So, I was very polite to the person and gave them ALL the information they asked for; Name, address, phone, DOB, and, while she didn't ask for it, I gave her my Social Security #, without hesitation. The woman was ecstatic and told me a lot of people give her grief for calling them and that I must be in serious need of health insurance She then gave me a few quotes and asked for a credit card # so that she could charge the initial payment to my card. I could pay future payments through bill pay, credit card, etc. She informed me the payment went through and that I was now covered by health insurance. At this point, I chose to inform her the information I had provided her, including the credit card, was for my undercover identity. I then stated I was a Federal Agent with the Department of Treasury, had recorded the entire conversation, my computer and technology specialist had traced the call and found out the service they were using to process credit card charges in which we used a standing court order to freeze, and obtain the bank information where the funds were going to, which was also frozen. I then provided her with the phone # and address of our nearest office to her location. She immediately demanded my name and badge number. I informed her that there was no legal or policy requirement of me to do so, but that I would give her my badge #. She began yelling a number of profanities at me. I said thank you for being such a cooperative criminal and giving me everything I needed to be able to charge her with Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, Conspiracy, Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, and Credit Card Fraud. If she wished to cooperate and provide us with information on her coconspirators, it would likely help her situation. I was then disconnected the call.

23, Jan. 2019

Called me and stated that there is a warrant for my arrest because of fraudulent activity on my SSN. Pressed one to speak with "Bob" who wanted my info so "he knows who he's talking to". Told "Bob" where to go and a great way to get there..

23, Jan. 2019

Got call saying they they received miss information and if I don’t call back and verify my last 4 digit of SSN they will have my warrants issued and get me arrested . I think it is scam call . If it is IRS they will send letter or try to contact in proper way .

2, Jan. 2019

This caller sent me a dick pic but I’ve never spoken to or know who this id

20, Dec. 2018

Same exact thing happened to me. Was home - caller ID said inmate call. Did not answer

10, Dec. 2018

Live message from Akron, OH (234-226-1492): Yes, hi this is Kathleen Davis and on this message is concerning your unsecured credit that I need to discuss your consolidation or repayment options with some of the new changes taken affect recently so if you could please be sure to give me a call at 866-585-9934 um with this reference number it makes things a lot easier when you have that hand it’s 40402 thank you

28, Nov. 2018

It makes no difference that our number has been on the registry for many years!

20, Nov. 2018

Sign me up. I want to file a lawsuit against them.

30, Oct. 2018

Tonight was the second time Best Buy telephoned. Wonder why this bank would telephone me. I haven't banked with them in more than 4 yrs.

6, Oct. 2018

They called me on Thursday October 4th

1, Oct. 2018

Your question on the complaint form asks if we ask these vultures to stop calling us.

29, Sep. 2018

I don't have any back IRS taxes.

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