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  • Regional statistics: North Lima, Ohio has a population of 257555 that is in a county of 102587 units. The city is in a county that is 415 square miles. 234-759 is available through the regional telephone switch # YNTWOH78X1X in the North Lima area.
  • Other cities located around North Lima: Mantua (234-755) Malvern (234-752) Akron (234-788) Clinton (234-800)
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28, Sep. 2018

They keep trying to fax something to my phone. It happens every couple weeks. I don't know how to let them know they have the wrong number

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17, Aug. 2018

These misfits use many numbers and company names promoting the same garbage.

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12, Jan. 2018

my wife only answered the call because it came in at 6:30 and was concerned that our 3 and 6 year olds would wake up.

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30, Dec. 2017

The post cards were thrown away and then the phone calls started.

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28, Jan. 2017

The second time I waited for the recording to finish then clicked on a number to be removed from their list.

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1, Jan. 2017


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7, Mar. 2014

I was is calling me. I'm on do not call list. A lot of good that does. Please stop calling

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17, Dec. 2012

Got a text saying "heyaa" and my name. I have no idea who this is or where they got my phone number.

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6, Dec. 2012

These people call almost everyday. This is the first time I've been able to get the number to write it down.

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1, Dec. 2012

They call numerous times every day. This is my cell number and I have told them not to call. They continue to do so even though I have not asked for these calls and have told them to stop calling.

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15, Nov. 2012

sending unwanted texts