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9, Aug. 2013

He wants to send me money through PayPal and then apparently PayPal's customer service is going to call me for my address and then they will come to pick up my wheeler. Seems like a great idea...DUMBA$$. Even though I know it is a scam since he asked no questions about the 4 wheeler I am selling, what can he do with your email address that you use to log in to PayPal with? He's gotta know your password, and if no password a whole bunch of security questions about you before he can break into your PayPal account. Just looking for any info that you guys may have. Glad I found this thread!

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25, Mar. 2013

They are scamming people, trying to get personal info.

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25, Jun. 2012

Thes calls are from a company. They ask for my name and when I ask them to put me on their "Do not call list" they reply, "No, we are going to keep calling..