234-736-3090 (Scammers)

  • Don't send money without verifying the claims!
  • For the video on some common debt collector tactics: click here
  • Extreme threats are often a sign that the caller is a fake debt collector
  • Latest people reported the number as that of "Ms. Dixon"
  • Around 100% of people reported it as "Collection Agency"
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15, Jul. 2012

Woman called and told me that I owed money on a payday loan from 2009 in Arizona. I explained to her before that it was not me and that I had issues with identiy theft. She would not listen told me she was not a debt collector that she did not care if I went to Jail or not that I would be picked up at my place of employement or home with in 24-48 hours adter she filed two felony charges on me. She then told me I could take care of it by paying her a little over 1300. I told her to send me something in writing. She refused but then told me she could talk to the states attorney and get me a hardship program if I paid half today. She continually threated me and was just rude from start to finish. She would not listen. I finally asked for time and she said to call her by 9 AM Monday. From the looks of things this is definately not on the up and up.

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