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21, Jun. 2019

Individual called me saying there had been a compromise on my Social Security. Asked if I owned a Toyota Corolla. Told him my Mother did before she passed away. He said his name was Jacob, which I thought peculiar for someone with a Hindu accent, and why would the Government hihire someone who barely speaks English to call countrywide? He said the vehicle was found abandoned on the Texas/Mexico border with huge amounts of illegal drugs in it. If so, why talk about it over the phone? Don't relinquish any information. Be safe.

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4, Jun. 2018

Just number call my house a total of 10 times left no message !

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21, Oct. 2017

Hangs up doesn't say anything

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12, May. 2017

I think it's Accurate Collection Service calling. I didn't pick up, think it's the collectors. If I don't recognize the phone number I don't pick up.

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17, Mar. 2017

Telemarketer says his software just always keeps pulling me up.

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19, Nov. 2016

They said that I would be given a free security system.

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18, Sep. 2015

There is never anyone at the other end when we answer!

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3, Sep. 2015

Person claiming to be the owner's "daughter" swore at me when I mentioned Do-Not-Call list!

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13, Jan. 2015

The message said that my debit card was temporarily suspended, and asked me to enter my card number to reactivate. (I just hung up.)

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13, Dec. 2014

Please nail these jerks to the wall!! This is getting rediculous!

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20, Nov. 2014

just called and hung up on me several times

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5, Apr. 2014

this is second call today.

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11, Jun. 2013

This number calls me three or four times a week. It is not a number you can call back. Please help with any information about how to make this number stop calling my cell.

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18, Jan. 2013

They call and hangs up!

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3, Jan. 2013

Once the recorded message completes and a person is summoned to speak with, they hang up after being informed of the no call status and repeated requests to discontinue calling. I have no credit cards.