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  • Regional statistics: East Liverpool, Ohio has a population of 12201 that is in a county of 42973 units. The city is in a county that is 533 square miles. 234-517 is available through the regional telephone switch # BDTMOHIDCM0 in the East Liverpool area.
  • Other cities located around East Liverpool: Cortland (234-500) Akron (234-492) Canton (234-521) N Canton (234-522)
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14, Sep. 2018

Now nervous about what information they might have about us.

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30, Aug. 2018

It is now harassment.

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4, Mar. 2016

Endless most everyday hassle recorded calling and then ask to enter (1) then the Agent Live comes on line with sale offer.

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2, Mar. 2016

One more known telemarketer.

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19, Jan. 2016

When I call back it says it is the public safety sponsor office and to leave my ten digit number so they stop calling.

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20, Apr. 2013

these people have called three or four time during the week prior.

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31, Dec. 2012

These calls happen DAILY. For months, I have repeatedly asked them to stop calling. I have never been their customer, and I never intend to be.

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13, Nov. 2012

Received a text from this number.