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13, Feb. 2017

i will enter a complaint for the landline as well.

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16, Jan. 2013

They asked me to renew my subscription to a magazine. Two calls in one night. I never dealt with them.

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17, Dec. 2012

They call almost every day. I asked to be taken off and the hang up on me.

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28, Oct. 2012

They call my home number, my cell number, and my wife's cell number. All of these numbers are registered on the do not call list. Iit appears that this company is bogus and that the call ID phone number is faked. Is there any way that these calls can be stopped and "company" prosecuted?

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28, Jun. 2012

they call and do not answer me. It is very unsettng to me, when I have to get up to answer the phone and not one is there!