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9, Apr. 2020

This caller is a scam artist, threatening to have my wages garnished for a credit card that was paid off year as ago, thru a firm company with legal paperwork.

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28, Jun. 2019

Just looked this number up on White to verify that it wasn't somebody that I do business with.

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14, Jun. 2019

Recording said to call 8006690102.Cherry Creek Strategic Advisors.

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13, Jun. 2018

UPDTE: 4/9/14 Consumer reports that he got a phone call from someone posing as The Publishers Clearinghouse which said he won 2 1/2 million dollars.

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24, Mar. 2018

The caller asked for access to my computer and would not identify what company he worked for.

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8, Jul. 2017

When I do answer the call I have repeated stated to not call me and take me off of their list.

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7, Sep. 2016

I received six calls today with the same recording.

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21, Jan. 2016

Would like to file charges if they continue.

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1, Nov. 2015

I have also tried going as far as telling them I am taping the call and that does not work.

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5, Nov. 2014

I got a call from this number (OH) and after I said hello twice, they hung up. When I called the same number back, the message said, "if you want to be put on a do not call list press 1...I am sorry you are having problems...Good Bye!" Weird...

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25, Feb. 2014

This number call me multiple times a day, since early in the morning til late in the evening.

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29, Nov. 2012

they call daily about buying from them!