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13, Nov. 2019

This is a Scam I think.

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20, Dec. 2017

I have asked them to stop calling.

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11, Jun. 2016

Said his name was Andrew Paul I.D.# 1826833037.

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22, Mar. 2016

They are one of the most annoying callers out there and no way to get them to stop.

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15, Jan. 2016

I requested to speak to representative, but only received a much longer and detailed recorded message.

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7, Jan. 2016

I called number and it indicates number is no good.

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12, Nov. 2014

Recieved a call this morning (Nov 12) @ 9:12am with a recorded message telling me that a lawsuit has been filed against me by the IRS and gave a 202 number for me to call immediately. I did not write down the 202 number and it was only repeated once. Wish I had that number to post here. :( Very Threatening! It started out with "WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO REACH YOU" ...

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19, May. 2014

I have received my "2nd and final notice" for over 6 months. I spoke with a rep and asked to be removed from the calling list. She responded, "Yes, we can." and then quickly hung up. I have been registering complaints every time I receive calls from this bogus operation.

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28, Jan. 2014

this was the 5th call saying I filled out a form giving them my phone number. I have not filled anything out and have told them to stop calling but they don't.

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1, May. 2013

This was a similar call that I had received before from a different number. The number showed on my caller id but appears to me to be invalid.

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23, Jul. 2012

they appear to be marketers...BUT they state that they are not selling anything.. they quickly hang up when I inquired about the company name.