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  • Regional statistics: Akron, Ohio has a population of 208414 that is in a county of 217788 units. The city is in a county that is 413 square miles.
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9, Oct. 2019

Message says if agree also eligible for a certificate for $1000.00 in groceries and $75.00 pharmacy discount.

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28, Jun. 2019

They use several different phone numbers, but it is always the same company.

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18, Apr. 2019

Same woman caller from a few weeks ago.

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12, Apr. 2018

."this is your final notice." I am so sick of these people. Please please please investigate them. Thank you.

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3, Apr. 2018

Calling constantlyobviously from a foreign country.

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5, Jan. 2018

The caller left a message, the first part was cut off, but it concerned lowering my interest rates.

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20, Dec. 2017

Please shut them down permanently!

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20, Nov. 2017

Robot calling in reference to listing a property I never owned.

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17, Nov. 2017

voicemail and deleted. Total scam. Please remove these numbers.

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25, May. 2017

The caller made a threat that a crime was committed and an investigation would be opened.

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7, Dec. 2016

They keep calling me trying to get me to buy a type of coverage for my car, this is one of like.. 20 numbers they call from and no matter what I say thy will not stop!! 😳It's a scam coverage thing since my warranty has expired on my vehicle

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5, Dec. 2016

They say the IRS is going to file a lawsuit against me and that they need some info.

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21, Oct. 2016

called my cell # - said they were from google - hung up when questioned

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25, Oct. 2015

Do something about it!

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19, Aug. 2015

I finally waited to hear the rest of the message and it said i can remove my number.

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21, Jun. 2014

This number is calling me several times a day and continuously is harassing me and hang up on me. When I ask them to take my name off their system they add or transfer to other number and call me shortly after. Please stop these criminals and sick people that spread harassing sickness in society.

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15, May. 2014

these people call three times a day and will not stop!

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17, Mar. 2014

They call everyday. It is a recorded message and the one time I was able to get a live person, the only english she knew was what written on her script.

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30, Jan. 2014

Very heavy accent. Asking for bank info.

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4, Sep. 2013

He told me that his son lives in montreal and he wanted me to send my surface pro

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14, Apr. 2013

Twice in one day - so far!

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10, Apr. 2013

This number calls several times a week. Googling this number indicates many others are being harrassed by these callers.

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2, Mar. 2013

They call then hang up when I answer...very annoying!

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29, Dec. 2012

These people have called back too back already. I have submitted a number of complaints please have them stop calling.

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21, Dec. 2012

We have reported them many times.

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17, Dec. 2012

They call 4 times a week,its getting old..please stop them!

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15, Oct. 2012

They are calling quite frequently.

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6, Jun. 2012

Got a phone call at work today at 3:31pm, no message was left.

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22, May. 2012

this number keeps calling my land line, and is asking for my husband, husband only and is very rude, than hangs up.