Area Code 231

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Area code: 231
State: Michigan
Country: USA
11, Nov. 2018

My elderly father-in-law's mobile phone keeps getting phone calls from this company. They are calling for a stranger. They tty to ignore the phone calls but they won't stop. How do I report this company?

8, Nov. 2018

I am uncertain whether anybody in their senses would believe me. The phone calls never cease. My colleague wanted me to take immediate steps to report these scenarios to the "CFPB". The callers simply don't understand that the invoice has already been paid.

5, Nov. 2018

Annoying robocall, saying that the caller was testing entries in the telephone book, and that you did not wish to receive pre - recorded calls again, to dial a certain number. I loathe these stupid calls!

2, Nov. 2018

Just called claiming to be Aetna Disability asking for personal information. Please stop this is illegal hope they find the person who just call me

2, Nov. 2018

I've received multiple calls per day for over a week from this number. This sort of harassment should be illegal. I need my phone for work and this number keeps calling me. Bullsh*t.

1, Nov. 2018

I make it a point to go to the library which is close-by every Tuesday. Can you imagine receiving 11 telephone calls from a business over and over and the funny thing is I have been getting the telephone calls on my Android phone whenever I am in the library premises reading books. Well I think I have had it this time, and they might tell me to cancel the membership. I know that I broke the rules of the library being too interested in the calls. I suppose I knew this was coming.

1, Nov. 2018

This number is driving me insane. Thus wrong number phoning has gotta stop. This business offends me.

31, Oct. 2018

I called voice mail as this number indicated leaving a message. There was nothing there. However! My calling voice mail generated an outgoing call to this number! Something has to be done about this!

31, Oct. 2018

Who else is receiving phone calls from #. Who is it is phoning me?

31, Oct. 2018

This collection agency called this office asking for a person that no longer works here. The caller was a jerk. If the business phones again, I will report them to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. What that company is doing is just illegal.

30, Oct. 2018

I've gotten a minimum of a dozen telephone calls this past week from this phone number. Bizarre voicemails. He claims that he's phoning about some debt or something like that. The recording says to phone back as soon as possible. They simply don't quit calling. What's the solution?

29, Oct. 2018

Unbelievable. Yet another telephone call from B & B Collection Agency. This bank is driving me mad. The teenager asks for her by her name. She has started talking in her sleep. My neighbor mentioned that he Police would be a better bet than a Lawyer? The creeps! It is child molestation at its best!

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