Area Code 231

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Area code: 231
State: Michigan
Country: USA
JJ Grand Rapids, MI
11, Feb. 2019

Says his name is “Jack”. DO NOT SEE for a massage or anything else. Total Time Waster! He called me, made an appt for a massage and NC/NS’ed me. Never showed up for his appt and he never called to cancel! Avoid like the plague!!!

8, Feb. 2019

they have a case against me. what a joke. They need to be stopped and arrested ASAP!!

1, Feb. 2019

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

22, Jan. 2019

don't know this number

21, Jan. 2019

Keep calling but never leaves message. I try calling right back and it says out of service

30, Dec. 2018

calls 2-3x per day and does not leave a message. they are obviously spammers and found out they are in michigan. what jerks!

19, Dec. 2018

Locked up my PC and to call this number with MS logo. I called and they got on my PC disabled my Malwarebytes and downloaded a Trojan on my PC AMMYY and a ccleaner. Wanted 184.00 I cancelled my card. Turned my Malwarebytes back on and it detected the Trojan right away and quarantined the short cut I clicked on.. I then ran a scan and it found the Trojan AMMYY and removed it from my hard drive.

18, Dec. 2018

Left message claiming to be from Aetna Disability. When I called Aetna directly they said that they did not make any phone calls. This is 100% a scam.

Maria Gil Montero
7, Dec. 2018

from 2312654339: caller offered health advise and products. This person is calling several times and every day!! Very annoying because the seller doesn't even know why and what to offer. also she is violating the DO NOT CALL LIST

6, Dec. 2018

I read it a few times to be clear about the details. I was rather bewildered to witness the news as I was under the impression that these telephone cals are received only by me. I was anxious that the legal peraonnel will never never believe me about the disturbing mobile calls coming at 7.00 am and no one on the other side of the line.. Well now I have details in writing that the calls do not happen only to my brother. I am now on my way to meet the lawyers armed with the newspapers.

6, Dec. 2018

Annoying robocall, stating that the caller was testing entries in their list of phone numbers and that I did not wish to get telemarketing calls again, to dial a local number. I called, but the telephone calls don't stop!

3, Dec. 2018

Calls me won’t leave voicemail and hangs up when I answer. Blocked this number

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