Area Code 228

Additional information:

Area code: 228
State: Mississippi
Country: USA
16, May. 2019

(like once a week) sometimes from this number and sometimes from a different number.

15, May. 2019

I get an automated message when i answer to hold for the next available operator.

8, May. 2019

This unknown company calls me everyday, several times a day.

7, May. 2019

Sales call soliciting automobile warranty.

6, May. 2019

caller ID-did not answer-they did not leave a message

1, May. 2019

robo call offer to lower your interest rate on credit cards

1, May. 2019

Had also been called from this number on 8/27/13 at 11:31 pm and 6/27/13 at 2:35am.

30, Apr. 2019

They called me. Before I called it back, I needed to confirm it was actually spam and came across a couple websites with this number egistered as "spam" or "unwanted" Guys, all you have to do is rapid fire questions back at them. She had my last name (probably from the caller ID when I called back) so I asked her the name of the business. and where they were located. She told me "Vehicle Processing Center" and then "South FL" so I said "If I was going to mail you something, where would I mail it?" and she hung up. :)

29, Apr. 2019

I had previously registered on the phone with do not call in January 2014, but it has not stopped.

26, Apr. 2019

About Social Security criminal activity and suspension of the number

24, Apr. 2019

They have called three times at 11AM on 01/02/2014, 3:22PM on 12/30/2013, and 2:06 on 12/26/2013, but I can't get thru to a person to cancel the calls.

Cruel streak. Gave wrong location info, compromising my safety, because I did not respond to his messages in the timely manner he felt I should. Followed by mean and hateful messages. Blocked. Just calls from another number.

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