Area Code 228

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Area code: 228
State: Mississippi
Country: USA
7, May. 2020

debt collector. I didn't borrow anything from them But I get harassed weekly

14, Apr. 2020

You call the number back and the recorded voice says GOOOOOOD BYYYYYE

31, Mar. 2020

She then asked me to verify personal information, which I did verify my post office box and I asked where are you calling from?

18, Mar. 2020

Annoying. Called at 8:30 a.m. Did not answer phone.

18, Mar. 2020

It is clearly a scam.

17, Mar. 2020

They tried to sell me on a home security system.

6, Mar. 2020

The person claimed to be the IRS and that police would come arrest me if i don't give them a payment via phone. This is clearly a SCAM and I don't owe any money i pay all my taxes on time and all my bills. The person had a very heavy Indian accent and when i said I know this is a Scam she starting to get very loud and abusive. Demanding my credit card number which i did not supply. I told her to send the police I will talk to them and report this scam- she slammed the phone down.

6, Mar. 2020

When I did a reverse phone look up, the number was identified as a telemarketer.

5, Mar. 2020

He claimed my the computer had been compromised and he had received an error notice and wanted to help me fix it.

4, Mar. 2020

Claimed to be from publishers clearing house

26, Feb. 2020

Cardholder services - reduce credit card fee

26, Feb. 2020

NO ANSWER, NO MESSAGE - Dropped call or no message

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