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26, Apr. 2018

They call all hours of the day and night!

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21, Nov. 2017

Consumer told suspect to cease and they laugh and hang up.

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20, Nov. 2017

said I could call them before they downloaded my file to the courthouse. I don't answer calls from unknown numbers, so they left voicemail . Don't return scan voice mails either!

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1, Apr. 2017

What will you do to stop telemarketing calls from 6509334937 to 7062341111?

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17, Mar. 2017

Then he proceeded to tell me he loved me and wanted to talk.

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20, Jul. 2016

Just received call. Said his name was Scott. He asked me about Social Security. I didn't answer him.

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1, Jul. 2016

He is of Indian descent.

Retired professional
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7, Apr. 2015

The caller posed as a career building company, "Degree Advisor" and suggested I had contacted them previously, "We're calling about a job you had applied for..." Said, "We'd just like to verify your e-mail address." When I said, "okay, then tell me what do you have there on file," the caller hung up. When I called the number back, I got a computer-generated bot that interacted based on my responses and questions even though it sounds like you're speaking with a live person.

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20, Jan. 2015

Another medical alert offer for seniors.

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4, Jul. 2013

These people call me several times a day, every, from different numbers. I've asked them to stop, but they just keep calling me with the recorded message. They are wasting my cell phone time that I pay for, not them. It's their turn to pay. STOP THEM PLEASE!!!!