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16, Aug. 2019

When the live caller came on and i asked her if she checked the DNC before calling me, she dropped the call

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18, Oct. 2018

Wants to refinance mortgage

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19, Nov. 2017

No recording, no message, no voicenothing on the other end.

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10, Jul. 2017

if we talk to an actual person we ask them to remove us from the list.

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8, Jul. 2017

I have and pay for a unpublished phone number and do not wish to receive these kinds of unsolicited calls.

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1, Jul. 2017

Scammers claiming that the IRS issued an arrest warrant against me and that both I and my property were being monitored.

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10, Apr. 2017

This call comes from Roseville, Mi.

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28, Mar. 2016

I have repeatedly told them not to call this number again, only to have them call again!