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7, Feb. 2020

This is Honda if you have a Honda and have a recall on it this is a follow up on your repair. They are very nice. I just had mine do e. This is not spam or telemarker

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14, Aug. 2019

CC# expiration (month/year) CVV2 on the back last 4 digits of social zip code Pretty scary.

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28, Dec. 2018

Received a text message saying. Your package from Purpose Sneeze Group has been shipped. View package (#NJ125435) I don’t know who or what this is. Didn’t check the link!

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6, Sep. 2018

This telemarketer calls almost every day and sometimes twice a day and leaves a message on my voicemail.

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11, Aug. 2018

Three calls from same company.

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9, Aug. 2018

When I call back I get a message saying the phone is not in service.

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9, Jun. 2018

I tend to believe that it was some type of scam as I've had several of these types of calls over the last few months all from different parts of the country.

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9, May. 2018

they are wanting to lower my credit card interest rates.

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24, Apr. 2018

In the last 3 weeks, I have received numerous calls regarding air duct cleaning.

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26, Mar. 2018

When I got a live operator they hung-up on me immediately when I mentioned adding me to the Do Not Call list.