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29, May. 2019

Nothing like being woken up at all different times of the night.

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12, Sep. 2018

This is a robocall for home security systems.

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9, Mar. 2018

Safe Touch calls ALL THE TIME.

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25, Sep. 2015

This company has been calling (without any sort of interaction) for more than a year.

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14, Nov. 2012

I received the same text message from this number

Traders Landing
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9, May. 2012

Yesterday May 8th, I received a telephone call from someonenamed James Williams claiming to work for US Advanced regarding a non-paid short term loan. I don't any such loan. This person James Williams insisted that I did have such a loan past due and that a case for Federal theft was being filed against me for non-payment. The calls have continued this morning, I requested this person send me information in writing, as his speech is difficult to understand due to his heavy accent.